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5 Things that All Great Coaches Do

Bear Bryant…John Wooden…Pat Summit…Vince Lombardi. What is the image that pops into your head when you think about a great coach? Who were the great coaches in your life? How was your character and moral structure molded by what you learned from a coach?

For young boys growing up in my generation, coaches wielded great influence; as great or greater than the father figure in their family. I have seen countless kids on rocky paths correct their course due to the presence of a coach who genuinely cared about them. The greatest athletes in the history of sport had coaches. Michael Phelps…Serena Williams…Usain Bolt…FloJo…Michael Jordan…Tom Brady. They all had coaches. So does the need for a coach end when your athletic career ends? I think we can all agree that it does not.

What do coaches provide for us that we cannot provide for ourselves?


Coaches have knowledge built upon targeted study of their sport. They LIVE their sport. They have experience in what works and what doesn’t through practical experience in the arena; as a player and a coach. They know the minutiae and detail that produces results that the average Joe on the sideline or in the stands doesn’t.


Coaches study their opponent for countless hours to develop a plan to counteract what they will face in the game. They ‘self-scout’ to identify their own areas of weakness. Once they are intimately familiar with the opponents strengths and weaknesses they develop a GAMEPLAN to defeat them. This becomes the roadmap to victory. It is then up to the team to EXECUTE the gameplan.


Great coaches set goals and manage effort, focus, and planning toward reaching those goals. If they play to the standard they have set, the scoreboard takes care of itself. Once goals are met, they are pushed farther out to maintain growth.


Anyone who has played sports has experienced the ‘motivational speech’ given a by coach. Some are fire and brimstone with salty language and a lot of yelling. Some are quiet and fatherly with pearls of wisdom and life lessons. They all serve the same purpose: to focus their teams on the common goal of working together and giving their best effort.


Few things in life hold you as accountable as a good coach. You are held accountable for your effort and improvement daily in practice. You get immediate feedback and correction until it becomes a HABIT. As Coach Nick Saban likes to say; “you don’t practice until you get it RIGHT, you practice until you cant get it WRONG”. The desire to please your coach out-weighs the desire to skip practice or not work hard…and you are better for it.

Now let’s complete the circle and apply this to your daily life. How would your career, relationships, and overall health and wellness improve if you had a COACH? Someone who is an EXPERT, who can identify what is keeping you from being your BEST SELF and devise a GAMEPLAN to move you in that direction? A coach who will help you set GOALS, MOTIVATE you to reach them, and hold you ACCOUNTABLE along the way? What would you pay to move yourself toward reaching your full potential and happiness? What would you pay to be EQUIPPED to move your family in that direction?

That is what Blue Vase Health does! Our mission is to increase the health and happiness of individuals and families across the Gulf Coast. Contact us to schedule a free initial meeting.

Blue Vase Health


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