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The High Cost of Chronic Disease to the American Corporation

Have you looked at your insurance premiums this year? Have you wondered why they are so astronomically high? How many of you have missed days of work due to chronic illnesses? How many of your coworkers spend money on diabetes testing, cancer treatments, heart medications, asthma therapy, or depression drugs? If I only had a dime for every dollar spent…

Chronic disease includes illness such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, mental illness, arthritis and auto-immune diseases. According to the CDC, 86% of the total dollars spent on health care is spent on treatment of chronic disease. Let me repeat that and let it sink in: 86% OF THE TOTAL DOLLARS SPENT ON HEALTH CARE IS SPENT ON TREATMENT OF CHRONIC DISEASE.

Warning…editorial forthcoming. People with chronic disease who go to traditional medical practitioners are generally treated for the symptoms of their disease and not the root causes of their disease. Chronic diseases can be managed very effectively through simple practices such as eating different foods, exercise, and rest. Reduction in stresses brought on by bad relationships and careers will have a larger impact on your wellness than Lipitor and Xanax.

You do not need a prescription for organic fruits and vegetables, a walk around the block, and eight hours of sleep. You just need to DO IT. Involve yourself in a community of people with similar goals. Utilize social media to form groups that will hold you accountable. Start a program with a health coach (it is the best investment for YOURSELF that you will ever make). You will see results soon and your quality of life will improve drastically.

EMPLOYERS: What would it be worth to you to have employees that missed less work? Would more energetic employees impact your business in a positive way? How would a team of clear-headed, sharp-minded employees impact your bottom line? How do we build a team of employees with those characteristics? The answer is simple: Rest, exercise, water, fulfilling relationships, and an organic, plant-fueled, balanced diet.

Is it easy? No (if it was, we wouldn’t have the problem with chronic disease). What can make it easier? Community support, corporate support, family support and coaching. In a word…ACCOUNTABILITY.

Go forth…eat with a purpose…love aggressively…and rest well. In the long run, individuals and employers will see results for your bottom lines (and I mean all of them!). We are rooting for you!

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