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Immune-system boosting, DNA-protecting, Cancer-fighting, SUPER SOUP!

There is a chill in the air. The living room fireplace is finally in use. The flannel jammies have replaced gym shorts as your nightly loungewear. It’s that soup time of year. I recently came up with a recipe for a healthy, satisfying, tasty soup that we have now incorporated into our family ‘soup rotation’. I originally designed it with my Father’s health in mind…backstory coming now.

My Father underwent treatment and surgery for colon cancer several years ago. Through faithful prayer and excellent doctors, he was healed and his colon was repaired almost completely. Fast forward a few years. During a routine check up, it was discovered that he had developed prostate cancer. Due to the proximity of the surgery site for the colon cancer (and the resulting scar tissue) and the amount of the radiation and chemo he received for the colon cancer, his options for treatment were limited. His only option was hormone therapy to reduce the amount of testosterone he produced, which will slow the growth of the prostate cancer. Through independent research on which foods support a healthy DNA methylation process, healthy immune system, and production of strong antioxidants at the cellular level, I came up with a healthy and tasty recipe for a therapeutic soup.

Some of the best cancer-preventing foods are as follows:

Greens, high-quality whole grains, onions, mushrooms, beans, and seeds.

I start with a high-quality organic stock or bone broth as my base. I make my own, but you can find low-sodium organic options in just about any store. I chop up one large organic yellow onion, a carton of organic mushrooms (I used ‘baby bellas’ but any mix of organic mushrooms will work), organic black beans (rinsed), fresh organic green beans (I’ve also used yellow wax beans), and add that to the hot broth. After that has simmered for 20 minutes or so, I add in one package of organic kale, and a couple of cups of cooked long-grain brown rice that I soaked for a couple of hours before cooking and rinsed to remove the fitic acid. While it simmers, I add sea salt, coarse-ground black pepper, and organic garlic powder to taste. I sprinkle it with organic sunflower seeds as a garnish and to add some texture.

I encourage you to adjust the ingredients to your taste…try different beans, mushrooms, and leafy greens. Try to stick to organic ingredients and be sure to incorporate each component to get the greatest benefit. Keep some on hand in your refrigerator to have as a starter to each meal. I promise you, it is the best tasting medicine you will ever take!

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