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New Years Revolutions

No…it was not a typo. I meant ‘revolutions’ instead of resolutions. Revolutionize your health by making a few, small changes in 2017. Keep in mind that small changes over time become big changes down the road, and if incorporated gradually, can have a huge impact on your wellness, energy, and productivity.


This is an easy change to make. Get water with your lunch. Drink a glass 30 minutes before each meal (it will help you eat less and aid with digestion). Buy a water filtration pitcher and keep it out on the counter so it is always top of mind and available. Make a goal to replace one soda or cup of coffee a day with a bottle or glass of water. You will be amazed at how much better you will feel.


Take the stairs every once in a while. Park farther away from the door. Walk around the building on your lunch break. It is always good to get the blood pumping. It helps you focus, reduces stress, and gives you personal time to THINK. Some of my greatest ideas have come during long walks.


Surround yourself with people who build you up, encourage, and support you. Treat those people how you want to be treated. Distance yourself from destructive, negative relationships. Mental health and happiness has an enormous effect on physical health. Make a new friend in 2017.


Get your eight hours in. Make a concerted effort to be in bed at a decent hour. The body heals as it rests. Put a curfew on your electronic devices, turn the TV off, and REST.


Get involved in a Church. Improve your prayer life. Lock yourself in your closet, turn out the light, and LISTEN. Help someone less fortunate. Be a blessing and you will receive blessings.

Making small changes by incorporating these things into your daily routine will result in big changes in your state of mind and physical health. Small changes are sustainable and produce lasting, significant results. Have a revolutionary 2017!

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