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In the classic book 'The Go Getter' by Peter Kyne, the blue vase is a symbol of unrelenting commitment to an achievement.  
At Blue Vase Coaching, it's the standard.

Adaina Biggs is a well-respected life coach, best-selling author, entrepreneur, and personal advisor. She has devoted herself to improving the lives of people oppressed by toxic beliefs and improving the health of any individuals suffering from auto-immune issues and chronic fatigue by addressing the root of the problems through nutritional and lifestyle changes. 



“Adaina looked at some blood work that my general practitioner ordered for me and discovered that I had a severe sensitivity to Gluten.  Through her coaching she taught me how to shop, how to eat, and the best ways to adjust to my new normal.  Not only do I feel great, I have twice as much energy and have lost a lot of weight.”

"If it weren't for Adaina with BlueVase, I would still be searching for the answers that I so desperately needed to improve my health. Her genuine concern for my health and her tireless efforts to find answers and get me on the right track were amazing. She has been a blessing and I am so grateful for all of her help. Her guidance has truly made all the difference!!!"

the plan

For years we operated as Health Coaches and helped our clients acheive great success. Today we do both life coaching and health coaching because we figured out along the way that they are very closely connected. Few people will upgrade their health without first upgrading their mindset. As a result, we now help people figure their stuff out before we try to guide them to eat better or exercise more. If you’d like to get to know yourself better and find out what’s keeping you from having what you want in life, follow along here for simple life/health tips and consider hiring one of our coaches to keep your head in the game.

I know the winners who show up here are looking for information and thinking “If I just knew what to do... if I just had the right information...”. The truth is, all the knowledge in the world will not necessarily get you on the path and it definitely will not keep you on the path. You know this. You’ve been there. You’ve tried to do it yourself. Life is hard sometimes. Upleveling - that’s really hard. Doing it alone... even closer to impossible. You want serious, sustainable change in your life? It requires a commitment. It requires an investment.

I am here when you are ready.


the process

proven programs for changing your life

Blue Vase Coaching's team of coaches and programs will take you through the process of helping you begin your new, success-driven lifestyle.  You can start with one of our self-study programs, but nothing replaces the presence of a personal mentor or coach.

Step one is to identify what you really want and where you are in the process.
Step two is to create the support systems and action plans needed to chart the course to your life.
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Ongoing regularly scheduled sessions with your coach will help evaluate what's working for you and what's not. These sessions also provide an environment for continued positive influences and encouragement. As you've heard many times before, you become like the people you hang around. Staying in contact with a tribe of people who are like-minded and encouraging is essential for anyone to uplevel their life. We know change is hard. We also know it's worth it. 
Yes, we'll hold you accountable. In a nice way. You get to choose the level of accountability reminders you want to receive and how you will receive them.




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